Key update on Israel prophesy …

Just a quick summary put together over morning coffee … Astonished at where we are in Biblical prophecy … written quickly; please forgive spelling and grammar errors 🙂

… Recently, as I was reading my Bible and thinking on prophecy, I got curious about the history of the Ottoman Empire. Formerly controlling all of the Middle East for 400-600 years and very anti-Zionism, the Ottoman Empire was founded to “defend and extend the land of Muslims”. Sharia law co-existed with a more secular law. Look at this article on it in Wikipedia (see link at the end of this message). Specifically, read the section on Government and Law. I point this out because the current leader, Erdogan, seems intent on re-establishing the Ottoman, or Turkish, Empire with himself as the “calif”, or embodiment, of the government.

The prophecy in Ezekiel about the Magog invasion of Israel from the North specifically seems to identify the  people from the area known as Turkey along with the Russians and others as the invaders. Up until a few years ago Israel had good relations with Turkey. But, when Erdogan came on the scene, he slowly starting changing things for the worse. Up until then, the Turkish military was the iron fisted guardian of secular government and had put down any attempts to establish a religious Muslim government. I remember when Erdogan ran for office. He made great effort to appear secular, but had minor associations with Muslim backgrounds. The people bought his story and, under the watchful eye of the military, he began a slow and gradual replacement of top military leaders and government institutions.

After a short while, he starting talking bad about Israel and casting doubt on the Holocaust. Very quickly, Israel cut off diplomatic relations with Turkey. Then Erdogan starting making Islamic education a major part of the education of children. Recently a coup occurred to remove him from power. But Erdogan prevailed, and proceeded to jail tens of thousands and get rid of over 100,000 former workers in the government. Today, he is making major moves to establish his own power to the level of a dictator and is very active in Islamic aggression, justifying it with other logic and explanations.  He views himself as the new head of a revived Ottoman Empire.

Now here’s the thing … Turkey is a NATO member and has a powerful military. Furthermore, Lebanon (between Turkey and Israel) is a small state now fully controlled by Hezbollah (a very sophisticated and well equipped proxy army of Iran).  Hezbollah is also very active in Syria defending Assad with a great deal of military might. Assad is a strong Russian ally, and Russia already has both sea ports and military bases established in Syria. Lebanon and Syria constitute the Northern border of Israel. Turkey is the Northern border of Syria. Turkey has a short walk through the Iranian-aligned government of Syria to get to Israel. Meanwhile, Turkey also enjoys a vast sea coast on its Western boundaries to give them huge access to the waterways in which Israel’s navy operates and the entire Western length of Israel sits. Three Islamic governments … all extremely hostile to the tiny nation of Israel … and the second largest military power in the world, Russia, aligned with them and with access through their territories to the Northern border of Israel. The Magog invasion prophecy occurs via the Northern border and mountains of Israel.
It doesn’t take much imagination to see the stage is absolutely set for the Magog invasion of Israel. A few days ago, Israel showed reconnaissance photos of another Iranian Elite Al Quds force base about 8 miles outside of Damascus. Israel had previously destroyed another such Iranian base just recently. Iran is, and has been, shipping powerful missiles through Syria into both Syria and Lebanon on Israel’s Northern border. Israel has said it will not allow Iranian bases inside Syria.
I can see both the Biblical prophecy of the Magog invasion from these actors across the Northern border of Israel, as well as the retaliation strike of Israel to turn Damascus into a parking lot … forever uninhabitable with a nuke strike. Israel has good conventional warfare resources, but would, in natural understanding, be no match ultimately for the combined resources of Russia, Turkey, Hezbollah and Iran … not to mention the other bad actors who would join in. Thus, it would make sense to defend an attempt to totally annihilate Israel, with the most powerful weapons in their arsenal. That would be nuclear weapons which have long been perfected and matched to appropriate airframes such as bomber jets and missiles. My reason for talking about nuclear retaliation is simple. The coming war will be understood by Israel as an existential threat. Thus, the counter attack must be sure and decisive and overwhelming. And it would be folly to use such weapons and leave the aggressors safe in their distant control centers. The destruction of Damascus is also a Biblical prophesy set in the last days.
In the Magog invasion prophecy, the Lord says that He will fight on behalf of Israel, and He will prevail. He, of course, could use a supernatural, non-military solution to defeat the invaders. And that would be wonderful. But, over the last six wars since Israel’s 1948 rebirth, He has done supernatural things in “natural” ways. Meaning He has directed military personnel and weapons in ways that blessed their mission and purpose. The stories of how God used Israeli tanks in the 1973 Yom Kippur war are legendary. Tank crews that had run out of shells to shoot as they awaited supplies from other Israeli divisions, still shot “empty” barrels at enemy Syrian tanks then watched in astonishment as the enemy tanks exploded anyway!  The bottom line is that the Ezekiel prophecy is at our door. And God will defend Israel through pieces of military hardware or no hardware at all. It really doesn’t matter which method He uses. The point is that God alone is our defense, and in Him we will trust.
I personally have “served” in the 2006 Israel / Lebanon war when Hezbollah attacked Northern Israel with over 4,000 rockets. 40% of those rockets were aimed at a town of about 26,000 people called Kiryat Shmonah on Israel’s Northern border. We dodged incoming rockets fired by Hezbollah as we made our way to deliver critical food and medical and other supplies to the people trapped in the crude, rat infested air raid shelters. I recall stepping over the remaining exploded shells of Katyusha rockets as we made our way through the deserted city to deliver supplies. Today, the enemy’s technology and missile resources have now vastly improved, and are capable of wiping out entire city blocks as opposed to the previous weapons would could destroy a 30 yard x 30 yard area.
Now, more than ever before, our prayers are needed for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel. Now, more than ever before, are our prayers needed for the leaders of the USA to be men of God who are on the right side of Israel and have joined the forces of God in this battle.  Sometimes, in the busy schedules which enslave us, we miss Biblical events unfolding before our very eyes. But let us take a moment to realize the times in which we live. Let us pause, and look up, for our redemption is near. Let us pray … now. Let us pray now.

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