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Soup Kitchen Ministry

Caring for the Poor

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Feeding the  Hungry

M25 First Aid Ministry

Spiritual Salvation

Israel Ministry Training

What We Do

We carry the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all we work with, we provide food, medical assistance, medicines, dental surgery and prosthetics, lodging assistance, warm blankets, warm socks and coats to as many of Israel’s poor as possible.

All these are given freely to those in need. In summary, our work is sharing God’s love and caring for Israel’s poor.

Join with Us

Saturdays at 10:30am at Ha-Negev St 4, Tel Aviv


at our Online Church above.

Why We Do It

God has called us to share His love with the Jewish people. We offer the hope of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all we serve and maintain churches and fellowships in which they can grow in their relationships with God.